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Unique Co. is a fully-owned subsidiary of 7255667 Canada Inc. Because our numbered company is an active and participating member of the Québec Commercial Certification Office, Unique Co. is also bound by the same principals of integrity, transparency, compliance with the law, and fair resolution of all concerns.

Unique Co. has been buying and providing loans on gold jewellery and diamonds (and diamond jewellery) since 1969. While our location has changed over the years, as have some of the staff, we remain committed to providing fair value for your goods, confidentiality in our dealings, and no-hassle prompt service.

Items that are given to us as security against a loan are kept off-site in our own dedicated bank facility, (this is why we need some notice before you come in to pay off the loan and regain your jewellery). As long as you keep up with the monthly interest payments on your items, they will remain untouched and insured, for as long as you need.

Whatever your reasons for selling your jewellery or needing a loan, Unique Co. will put cash in your hand quickly, fairly, and respectfully.

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