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Sell Gold for Cash

With today’s high prices, there has never been a better time to sell gold. That’s why Unique Co. is willing to pay top dollar for gold items. IF IT’S GOLD WE WANT IT! We want all used, new or broken gold, chains, rings, earrings, bracelets and much more. If you’ve got the gold, we’ve got the cash. We make it easy. Come into our downtown Montreal location for a free, no obligation, valuation from our Gold experts.

Please note: we request that you call ahead to make an appointment if you are selling diamonds. No appointment is necessary to sell gold or silver.


  • You may have hundreds, even thousands of dollars lying around, waiting to be turned into cash!

  • We pay top dollar in cash, cheque or by direct deposit to your bank account.

  • Bring your gold into Unique Co. for a secure and speedy valuation.

  • If you don’t want to sell, remember that we also lend cash for gold.

Image by Jingming Pan
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